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ssparkl e-reader

Access content at any time anywhere with ssparkl's user-friendly GUI environment that allows both reflowable and fixed layout content within an e-book.

Customize the reading experience by changing user settings, or opt to view in Library or Reader mode. Read in clutter-free pages aided by various navigational buttons and functions.

Use the interactive features and social media functionalities to interact, form book groups, read peer recommendations, rate books and so on. Share notes, annotations and bookmarks with friends and family within your network.

Download e-Reader
1. Desktop - Windows OS
2. Desktop - MAC OS
3. Android Device
5. Amazon Kindle
Key features
  • provides three viewing options in Library Mode: small icon (with bookmarks), large icon (covers) and details
  • synchronizes reading progress, bookmarks and highlights across devices
  • enables creation and definition of bookshelf by topic, favorites etc.,
  • links to the ssparkl store for downloading e-books
  • incorporates a text-to-speech function where users can start, stop and pause the reading, or change the reading speed, voice and pitch
  • includes a Reader Theme panel where text layout can be manipulated using buttons for zoom, fit width, fit page, fit two columns, flow horizontally (fixed layout) or flow down (reflowable layout)
  • invokes an online dictionary in a separate browser
  • allows sticky notes and file/image insertion into content pages