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Phylogenetic Aspects and Embryology 2013
by Anne Chun-Hui Tsai and Carol Walton
Publisher : PMPH
ISBN : 9871742412345
Page Count : 13
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Description : Knowledge of the embryology, growth, and development of the face and craniofacial complex, and of the various factors involved in normal variations and anomalies of this region, facilitates understanding of the many otorhinolaryngologic disorders affecting infants and children. A Level Business Studies Revision Guide has been written to support students working towards this important qualification. The guide follows exactly the order of topics contained in the current Cambridge International AS and A Level Business Studies syllabus produced by Cambridge International Examinations and the endorsed textbook Cambridge International AS and A Level Business Studies published by Cambridge University Press (Stimpson/Farquharson ISBN 9780521126564). The guide is so comprehensive that it will also prove to be invaluable to students following other similar courses such as AQA AS/ A level and IB Business and Management. Author Details : NIL
Keywords : Phylogenetic, Craniofacial, Arteries, Muscles, Nerves Subject : Science
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2. Phylogenetic Aspects and Embryology 10.00 9.00 3.00 2.00 2.00 1.00

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