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  • Rethink your content strategy

    How you present, deliver, manage and archive your content affects your production costs and bottom line.

    You need to push your content - or asset - into different platforms and devices simultaneously, and into the hands of your consumers in the fastest and most cost-effective manner possible.

    Go with ssparkl, a revolutionary HTML5-based end-to-end digital content platform from diacriTech.

    We will have you creating, distributing and repurposing content, and start maximizing revenues in no time flat.

    Seize the ssparkl advantage today!

  • Neutrality and efficiency through HTML5 workflow

    Deploy format- and vendor-neutral HTML5 open standard to deliver content across platforms and devices.

    Enhance your HTML5-enabled content with interactivities, social media functionalities and multimedia elements.

    Reduce production costs while increasing efficiencies and scalability using diacriTech/ssparkl's digital-first workflow.

    Offer your global audience quick and easy access to your digital content at a lower cost through ssparkl's secure web-based portal.

  • Portability and enhanced content accessibility

    Ensure that your content is portable and accessible via desktops, laptops or mobile devices on Windows, Macintosh, iOS or Android.

    Put your content on one site to serve all devices and platform.

    Provide the flexibility for online or offline content access with device-agnostic ssparkl e-reader app.

    Offer your consumers three different ways to obtain the content that they want:

    • one-time purchase,
    • rental/library model, or
    • subscription (for journals and magazines).
  • Interactivity with social media networking

    Interact and share digital media content in real time regardless of device or platform.

    Search an extensive user-populated database of books or generate library catalogs and reading lists using ssparkl repository.

    Add, review and rate books, view what friends are reading, participate in discussion, get book recommendations, or even create your own book group.

    Or promote your content with suggestions aimed at specific groups of audience.

  • Simplicity in user interface and navigation

    Present content in both reflowable and fixed layout formats through device-agnostic ssparkl e-reader app.

    Engage readers from any age group with ssparkl e-reader app's ergonomic user interface, which is easy to understand and navigate.

    Deploy the app's dynamic theme settings to customize the reading experience.

    Let your content be accessed the way the consumer wants it, any time any where.

  • Flexibility in custom publishing

    Conduct fast content search and retrieval from secure and centralized ssparkl repository.

    Combine or break down content into digital components that are easily discovered, remixed, repurposed and sold anew.

    Create customized publishing package or course modules to fit market needs.

    Engage your consumers by giving them the flexibility of choosing the content that they want.

    Push the customized content through an LMS environment to generate additional revenues.

  • Multiplicity of LMS tools

    Use ssparkl authoring tools to integrate modules into your existing LMS.

    Provide an automated info system that administers instructor-led courses and e-learning modules for key curriculum of all levels.

    Keep track of learner progress through progressive teaching and communication techniques in an online adaptive learning environment.

    Repurpose your content for a specific learning object methodology or course pedagogy.

    Ensure that your content is SCORM-compliant and compatible with various learning cartridges.